Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Collection of Fresh Icons & Buttons for Web Design and Development

A few day ago I have collected some good icons and buttons which are very useful for web design and development, so I have decided to share these stuff with readers of my blog. They are available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

They are available in all popular sizes: 128x128px, 72x72px, 48x48px, 32x32px & 16x16px with PSD files.

If you like this post then please share it with your friends or in your social network to cheer them. So here's the following list of free icons and buttons ENJOY!!!

Free Icons

39 FREE high-quality, amazing, and colorful .png OlympICO Summer icons. These icons are recognizable in all sizes from Download Now

15 FREE high-quality, amazing, and colorful .png OlympICO Winter icons. These Icons come in 5 sizes: 128x128 px, 72x72 px, 48x48 px, 32x32 px and 16x16 px. All of them are in .png format with transparent background and .ico format. Download Now

This is a “test drive” set from MilkShark’s “540 Icons” project. PNG) It includes 18 icons for light backgrounds + 18 icons for dark backgrounds (PNG + EPS + PDF + Photoshop shapes) 18 glyphs + 6 vector shapes. Download Now

Five cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. With three different sizes: 32,40,56. PNG and PSD files include. Enjoy and have fun! Download Now

Social Media Sheilds icons. Enjoy these high quality icons. Download Now

A free set of stylish transportation icons from the full Symbolicons set. Included icons: Car, Truck, Bus, Taxi, Boat, Rocket, Plane, Bi-Plane, Bicycle, Train. Download Now

A free set of stylish drink icons from the full Symbolicons set. Download Now

A login button set for Facebook and Twitter. Download Now

Free Buttons

A stylish UI kit for any UI project. Download Now

A set of some interface elements, very colourful! Enjoy.Download Now

A free Adobe Fireworks button set. Download Now

A Some clean and clear call to action buttons to be used in suitable projects. Download Now

A Fully layered tag buttons / Easy to edit / 100% vector shapes / Font used: Lucida Grande. Download Now

This free psd file, includes four buttons, in two states: normal and active, that can be used in web application and website design. You can also add a subtle icon to suggest an action. I suggest you to don’t use them if they don’t fit with the rest of the page! Never forget to design carefully! Download Now
Do you any opinion, please leave a comment.

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Design Related Bookmarking said...

nice collection thanks for share on joyoge

porida said...

Thank you for your nice article. I like it very much.

Rakesh Sharma said...

Thanks both of you for your opinion.

Sam said...

These are really attractive and nice icons and button, i appreciate your work!! UK Logo Design

Alexis Bob said...

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